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If you have money in multiple superannuation accounts, don’t know where your super is or just looking to get more results with your superannuation then we may be able to help.

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Did you know that a Financial Planner can help with things like Life Insurance and Income Protection Insurance? If you have a mortgage you really should talk to a Financial Planner about this today.

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We have all heard the saying “fail to plan and you plan to fail”, a plan to save, accumulate, invest or get a real understanding of how much you will need in retirement is no different.


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If you’re investing, just got an inheritance, need help with your superannuation, planning to retire or want to get ahead, the options can seem endless and daunting. In order to create the right strategy, step one is to plan. As the saying goes if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Find Advisors Sydney is here to understand why you are investing and what you want to achieve and to help you get on the right track.

A good strategy for you is one that matches where you want to go, your appetite for risk and makes sure you avoid the minefields and pitfalls. We will work to ensure your planner with develop a strategy that gets you from point A to your end goal at point B that aligns with your comfort zone.

We’ve developed a site with Sydney people in mind and will take the pain and hassle out of choosing a financial planner. We’ve done the research for you and we’ve turned an activity that could have taken up to one or two hours, into a quick and easy 2-minute simple activity. Don’t mistake quick for low quality though. Behind the scenes, we have spent hours and hours interviewing and assessing the financial planner you will be seeing. Below are some reasons people are keen to fill in our two minute form and have access to the best financial planners.


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The most important questions will be answered when we match you to a financial planner. These questions and more can be addressed when we speak for our 10-minute matching appointment:

  • How much does a financial planner cost

  • What does the first initial appointment look like with a financial planner?

  • What do financial advisors do?

  • And more…

Older Sydney clients are often wanting to when they can retire and if they have enough money in Superannuation or investments to work less or stop working. At least 10% of your income during your entire working life is supposed to go into superannuation. If you are self-employed or had a baby the chances are you may not have enough. It may be time now, to get help from a planner as super is supposed to be the largest investment asset you have come retirement.

People often misjudge what they can achieve in a year much less their lifetime. We get it, for many of us retirement is years, even decades away. SO it is important where super, investing or planning is concerning you stay on track and avoid procrastination.

If you are in Manly, Vaucluse, Woy Woy, Singleton, Penrith and anywhere in between, we have a financial planner that is ready to meet you now. They will come to you and they are local to you. The best and most convenient place to meet is in your home. If this is not suitable, they are happy to meet somewhere else and discover what is unique about you.

Most Australians dream of owning their own home; however the hardest place to own a home in Australia is Sydney. While trying to save up for that we are also supposed to save up for retirement. . Some people can’t see themselves ever fully stopping work while others don’t want to work one day more than they have to. We have a financial planner that can address all these concerns and more.

When you can retire is a question we can help answer. A good plan or one that helps you retire will make sure that all aspects of your finances are working together in order to help you achieve your goals.​ One common ability of planners is to project forward and help you visualise what the future might look like. Sometimes, the truth can set you free, especially if you are worried about the future.

We knew of one client who between the two of them had five jobs. Graham, 26 was in nuclear medicine and Kim, 24 was a teacher during the day. At night, he had a job at Coles and she tutored science. He had a fifth job coaching sport on Saturdays and some Sundays. They had no life.

In the end Kim and Graham filled in the two minute form because the realised if they decided to have kids, they wouldn’t have had enough money to live on Graham’s income alone. Financial planners can help you see what might be holding you back.

In preparation for meeting a financial adviser, we suggest you write down, without hold back or being positive, where you are financially right now? If you have too much credit card debt, write it down. If the money runs out before the month does, write it down. Be honest and real with yourself.

The next step would be to book a time with one of our financial advisers. That is, to take a leap of faith, and see if a financial advisor can make sure you stay on a positive path to success.

For some people, they just need a financial planner to act as a catalyst so they can break through the next positive financial barrier. Financial planners are not magicians, but are financial and wealth coaches. They can help you manage debt and build wealth for the future, like they did with Kim and Graham.

Why use this service to find a Financial Planner?

Your Financial Planner will build and provide financial strategies that are entirely custom made and have you and your specific needs, desires and goals.

We match our client-first thinking with our high-calibre, award-winning financial advisers to provide a genuinely unique matching service that is trusted by thousands of Sydney families- just like you.

Do you Have Enough in Retirement

We can provide that peace of mind when you meet a planner if you have enough in retirement.

When it comes to helping our clients with retirement planning, we place a premium on matching the type of lives our clients want to lead as retirees. Our planners can help you maximise any time spent with them. 1 minute spent with a financial planner could save hours or more or heartache in retirement.

We can assist you to get matched to a financial advisor who can potentially provide financial strategies that are entirely custom made to the specific needs, desires and goals. Matching this passion for our clients with the exceptional calibre of advisers we have access to. We do feedback calls to ensure each and every financial planner delivers extraordinary level of service that provides safety of mind and clarity for their financial future.

We can guarantee you with 100% certainty we know financial planners and we know a bad one from a good one. We don’t know your profession as well as you do. For example, we don’t know how to do open heart surgery or to change an electrical switch board. If you don’t know how to choose a good financial planner, let us do the work for you. We can take the “hack work” out of doing something you don’t like doing or don’t want to do.

What to Do with Your Money?

If you have got an inheritance, just sold a property or have some maturing investments, a good financial planner like the ones we have access to should be able to help.

Have you made your mark on the world through innovation, exceptional investment decisions, or just hard work? Have you put away a substantial amount of money and are now in need of sound wealth planning advice?

What should you invest in? Will your investment be safe? These questions and more will be answered by a good planner we have access to when we match you.

Regardless of how you have acquired your wealth, we feel it is important to protect and grow your wealth going forward, you will need the right financial advice and we will help listen and match you appropriately. We pride ourselves on our expertise and personalised service, as well as our unique position of accessing on most occasions financial advisers that are free from institutional influence. This ensures you get advice that is not influenced by commissions and ensures you get the very best advice.

Should you own a Self-Managed Super Fund?

Is that the right thing to do for you? Below we look at the different types of vehicles you could invest in.

There are about 600,000 Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) in Australia, each investing almost a million These numbers continue to increase each year as more people elect to invest their own savings to take more control and provide an appropriate level of income in their retirement.

The question is though is a Self Manage Super Fund right for you?

Below we look at what are some options to look at investing in. Please refer to our disclaimer at the bottom as not one option may be right for you.


The ability to own shares is an option within an SMSF. If the company you have chosen is successful, you will likely benefit from an increased value to your shares and/or an income stream from dividends. If you are not successful or miss the timing you may see the value of your investment decline and/or no dividends paid out at all. You may want to seek to Get Matched Now to see if a planenr can help.


Hybrid investment is a method for companies to borrow money from investors in exchange for coupon payments. The name Hybrid is due to the investment’s ability to contain characteristics of both debt and equity and is generally regarded as a more conservative investment than shares in the company itself.

As compared to debt, typically there is a promise to pay a rate of return until a certain date. There can also be features that resemble shares.  This is often, a future ‘call’ date where capital is offered back to the investor at a pre-determined rate.


Bonds are potentially a small step up from what people can utilise through their banks. These can be used in an SMSF to potentially reduce the overall volatility of your SMSF funds or other investments.  Governments and companies from all around the world are regularly seeking additional cash to fund expansion projects, and bonds are a method by which investors can loan them money in exchange for regular interest payments.

Not all bonds are created equal, however. Some bonds are riskier than others. Whilst past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.


This option is very popular in AUstralian with a vast majority of our enquiries from people looking to get property through an SMSF. Property has its own specific risks and challenges that will need to be considered before investing in property through your SMSF.

Unsurprisingly, since the government has allowed for SMSFs to own property directly, investors have been looking for opportunities to take advantage of the preferential tax treatment compared to owning the property in their own name.

But as stated earlier, please check with a financial planner or your own financial advisor to ensure any information you gather is appropriate and right for you. 

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Our parting comments before you fill in the 2 minute form.

The bureau of statistics published some statistics back in 2012 which advised that only 6% of people will either retire financially free or stable. The rest will be either partially or fully reliant on the government. This is a classic case of the saying: you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. We hope we have inspired you to “get thirsty” and make an appointment now with one of our experienced and successful financial planners.